Hoomans!!! It’s Sam. It’s been a while! I have been so super busy with this whole pandemic thing. I don’t know how things are with you, but Mommy and Daddy are at home almost all the time. Still. And I actually like it. Don’t tell them! But it’s also so much work to keep them active and entertained. I am completely exhausted.


I have to go out in the yard to play with them 3 x a day. And then they also want to walk when I just want to do my poo and go home. It’s so hot where we live now. I have no idea why that is. It was not that hot where I lived when I first came to Mommy and Daddy. And there were a so many high buildings and a lot more shade. I liked it there. But Mommy was not home with us all the time. We would walk her to her work after I got my breakfast and then pick her up again before she made me dinner. Worked for me. A lot less work to entertain her.

Have you been to where we lived before? Mommy and Daddy called it Jersey City. And it had a Pablo, who was always in our house in the mornings and he always gave me treats. My Pablos. Funny they have the same name! They are soooo good. Like seriously good. You gotta try them. I’d do almost anything to get some. Wait, isn’t it time for Mommy’s and Daddy’s espresso and my espresso treats? Brb, guys!


Hoomans, by the way, this is me entertaining Daddy in “Fall” in a park where we lived. You can see this super big city on the right and on the left you can see the big building close to our house. The big city is called New York City. It is sooo big. And the houses are soo high and tall. Even taller than Daddy and Daddy is really tall. Mommy not so much.

I have been walking Mommy and Daddy in this big city. We had to go on a boat to get there. That was a little bit scary but also fun. Though I could have just swam over. I am good at swimming. I am even training Daddy and sometimes Mommy almost every day in our pool. They are not retriever, that’s for sure.

Where we live now, I have not seen tall buildings and our yard only has shade when we first get out and then late when I am almost done playing with Mommy and Daddy.

Hey, hoomans, how do you feel about visitors? Mommy and Daddy haven’t had many visitors lately. They say it’s because of this Covid thing and social distancing or so. So if that is the case, why did they let Kodiak come over and play with my toys today? I like Kodiak and am happy to sniff him on our walks and so. But my toys? Common, if I wanted to share them, I could share them with Mommy and Daddy and not have them chase me through the yard. But this Dude? What’s with puppy distancing? Shouldn’t that be a thing? Kodiak did not even wear his muzzle or a mask, nothing! Seriously! That can’t be right.


At least Kodiak’s Dad brought me a snack afterwards. I mean I had to entertain Mommy, Daddy and Kodiak after all. As I said, this pandemic is so stressful and so much work for just one pup. But Kodiak is much older than me and I think he was so happy. So it’s ok for him to share my pool once in a while.

Do you know, hoomans, if there is Italian Labrador Retrievers? If so, I think I might be one. Coz I love pasta. Like almost as much as my Pablos. We had pasta for dinner tonight. Well, Mommy and Daddy had it for dinner and I got some as a snack. Never enough, though. Never enough. Mommy says too much grain makes me itchy. It’s kind of a lame excuse, don’t you think? I think she just loves pasta as much as I do and wants it all to herself. Right? I am not stupid!

Do you know, why it’s so hot here where we live? Mommy said we have Fall here too, but it sure does not feel the same way as it used to. I like warm weather and lying in the sun and all. But a little cooler would be cool. Somehow I can play much longer, when it’s not that hot. Or when I get a lot more pasta. Could you ask Mommy to give me some? Tell her it’s for yourself, please! Also, if you like nice food, check out Mommy’s recipes and so here .


Here I am hiding from Daddy. He always wants to hose the pool water off my fur. Isn’t that crazy? I mean water is water so why would he do that. But he can’t see me here so, I just stayed put. And to make things worse, he now bought a new hose and it actually looks like a black snake. I bet it’s dangerous. I thought about barking at it. But I didn’t.

I made Mommy and Daddy happy today, coz I chased after a pigeon and also barked at it. It’s my yard after all! That was fun and they were so happy, I even got a Pablo for it. Bring on the pigeons, guys! Not too many though, birds are kinda scary. And hoomans are weird sometimes. Because usually I am not barking and Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me for that.

Mommy said, we are going to go on vacation soon. I am not so sure about that whole vacation thing. I like my things as they are. Change is not always good, right? And things at “not home” are usually scary. And then I am also curious and want to check everything out. Do you think I will like a vacation on a Mountain? And before that, we will go to Savannah. I was in Savannah before with Mommy and Daddy. We had breakfast in a restaurant all together and that was fun. But it’s all new there and it all smells different than my hood. Well at least I can cuddle with Mommy and Daddy at night. That way I can sleep better. But don’t tell them that!

I gotta take a nap now. Later Daddy will need another walk later before he can go to bed and sleep. So gotta get as much sleep as I can before that in my bed. Before I have to share it again with Mommy and Daddy. Mommy really likes to sleep on my pillow. I always try telling her, that it’s mine but she does not really get it.

Hope y’all have your own pillows and also a Mommy and Daddy to cuddle with. Coz it’s kinda great to be the puppy in the house, ya know?


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