Check-in #21

Happy Humpday dear fellow Covid-19 warriors. It’s Mid of September, can you believe this? When did the summer happen and where was I, when it did? I mean, yeah I can vividly remember the heat. Because that’s actually still going on. The weather did not get the message about fall being about to start officially, I guess. But “summer” should feel different, shouldn’t it? And again, Sam liked it and did not miss a single thing. See for yourself. Welcome to our check-in #21!

Check-in #21

I can’t really wrap my head around what I would have expected to be different. As I mentioned many times before, we are lucky and are doing most of the things the same way we would have done BC (Before Covid for those that just tuned in for the first time). But it’s still different. We have not been to the dog park in forever. It has reopened, but despite it being too hot right now, the park is also a Covid-19 test station now. That’s just hitting a little bit too close to home for my tasting.

I am very tempted to say, the less there’s left of 2020, the better. Cause you know, less time for something crazy to happen. BUT I am not. Listen Karma, I did NOT say this AT ALL. I am no fool. People have jinxed it before and I am sure that’s how we got where we are in the first place. That and someone elected Donald J. Trump to be the Covidiot in Chief.

I really thought the J stands for Jesus. Not because I thought his family was very religious or anything. And definitely not, because I think he can walk on water or turn the same into wine. I am sure he thinks that, though. No, rather because I am picturing his parents saying “oh Jesus” when he came out… by the way, it’s John.

And here we go again, this guys made me digress. Again. Sorry. Where was I? A yes, jinxing it..

And even if no murder hornets show up, no mummies are rising from their graves and no zombie apocalypse happens on Halloween (it’s not that far fetched!), there is at least one thing, that can go horribly wrong this year. In November, to be precise. Because if the right person is not elected, than we will likely find out, if rock bottom has a basement. And a deep secret tunnels system below that.

I also really would not rule out any of the other stuff I have listed above just yet. Especially the zombie apocalypse. Because if launching a vaccine is done prematurely early November, to help the Covidiot in Chief win the election, something zombie like could very well be the outcome. But hey, maybe just to be sure, we could add some Clorox or other disinfectant to the vaccine. You know, just in case.

Check-in #21
No real witchcraft here, unfortunately. But at least Henning is wearing a mask.

Also, I am not very up to date on zombie movies or series – how do you kill (like finally) zombies? I remember from my childhood, you can kill Werewolves with silver bullets and garlic and holy crosses keep vampires at bay. Anyone any idea for zombies? I might just go ahead and buy some silver bullets, garlic and holy crosses as a precaution. Maybe they work against Covidiots as well? Hmm…but then if they can’t be killed with hydroxychloroquine…

Anyways. I recently watched the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and he has a category in his show, when he sends out a tweet with a question and then reads the best replies in his show. One of his last tweets was about what the people’s election campaign slogan would be. This is my favorite one:

You had Trump and Pence, now try COMMON SENSE

The Tonight SHow HAshtag Click here for more

It’s quite sad also, because there is a lot of truth in this. Common sense is the only thing that can save us. It just does not seem to be widespread enough. It could definitely learn from Covid-19 but then even that is usually not hitting Covidiots as much, as it does the innocent people that get infected by them. Desperate times but hopefully not entirely hopeless. Fingers crossed!

So the weather guy lately told us, the “dog days of summer” were over. He was referring to the partly unbearable summer heat. What he omitted was, that this only meant we were now going to experience the same heat but just call it fall. When I was a kid, I loved super hot summer days. We did have a thermometer next to our main entrance at the house and every morning I would check the temperature. And I was disappointed to the point that it involved tears, if it was not 20+ degrees Celsius (68+ F).

Well, I was a stupid kid apparently. While I am not missing the freezing cold wind chill temperatures in NYC, I am missing Fall. I really like Fall a lot. But at least the last couple of days it has been in the Mid 70s only in the morning. Somewhat a relief, for sure.

Check-in #21

Early Fall hiking on Bear Mountain. What a happy family! I am hoping for some equally great memories when we are on our vacation in Brycon City, NC and the Nantahala Forrest. Some colder temperatures, some nice Fall sun and the feeling of accomplishment after a hike. And yes, there will be some nice regional food as well, that’s for sure.

Definitely something to look forward too. And yet again, we are lucky. We do not have kids. Parents these days have the choice between continuing to home school their kids while also having to do their jobs, or sending their kids to play Russian roulette at school. Wondering when and not necessarily if they will catch the virus or bring it home as a host. Previously they said, it takes a village to raise a child. Today I would not be surprised if it rather was a vineyard they need.

I could not do it. I am already struggling with “home schooling” our puppy, when Henning is not at home. Our puppy does not want too much attention, especially not in the form of cuddles. Unless Henning is not home and I have to be on a video call. That’s the exact moment Sam remembers attention is a good thing. Now. Right now, no further delays acceptable. He has his own unique way of showing you, too.

check-in #21

Now luckily, Sam does not bark. Unless he sees ghosts, then it can happen that you are walking with him and out of the blue, for no obvious reason (to us anyways) he starts barking. At no one. He has never done that before, it started 2020. Wait a minute! Are invisible Covidiots a thing?

He does snore though. And he also is dreaming a lot and when he does, he is running (actually moving his paws) and barking / squeaking. It is too cute. I am just wondering, how it comes across when I am on video calls. I guess I would have some explaining to do. Especially as everyone knows, that some calls are less exciting or interesting. Seriously people, not every thought in your mind requires confirmation by a lot of people on an hour long call.

Things in the couch-office are unchanged. Sometimes I have my work companion with me and other times he prefers to sleep in his Daddy’s office. I think if he could, he’d prefer for us to sit next to each other with him right in the middle. But only, if we do not make too much of a noise. The little king prefers the quiet type of work companions. Phone or video calls are already too much. I am sure he shared his opinion in his Sam’s corner – check it out here, if you haven’t yet. Quite opinionated that little monkey.

What nice thing have you done for yourself lately? I think we all deserve some nice things, but we can’t always wait for others to do them. Henning and I went out for lunch at our anniversary, that was nice. Henning got me flowers when he went grocery shopping. And I went shopping for some “Business clothes” in fall colors. I just hope, “plum tart” is going to be the color of Fall next year as well, as I am surely not going to get to wear these this year. A jumpsuit and a formal dress are not exactly my favorite couch office attire. Especially since the jumpsuit sounds a lot more comfortable, than it actually is.

My favorite couch attire are my pajamas. Which I am of course not wearing during my couch-office hours. But at night, when we are watching TV and I am writing my blog posts for and of course my second blog, . Like right now. With my husband and the little monkey by my side. Time to close out this blog post for today and rest.

I will check-in with you again soon. If you sign up for blog alerts, you’ll know right away. As well when Sam shares his opinion’s again. The email address will not be used for anything else than that!

Keep your distance, wear your mask, stay healthy and take care!



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