Check-in #2

Hello Covid-19 warrior friends, how are you doing? It’s me – again! Because I missed doing this and also because I thought, if I want to do two check-ins per week, Sunday and Wednesday are good days. No, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, don’t be upset, please! You are kinda cool as well (Monday and Tuesday, not as much though). Just not for this job.

Happy Hump Day, by the way. Another Wednesday and another week almost over. I stopped counting, but I guess it must have been 3,500 Hump Days or so by now. How did your week go and how was your day today?

My day started with a video call “town hall” with my colleagues in El Paso and in the Philippines. We “only” had a little over 40 join today. And because I have a “team” of over 400 Call Center Agents it was the third edition of the same conference call today. I had a very special colleague join us. I guess he was not impressed. And I would not have it any other way. He was snoring and it was too cute.

Explain something to me, why is it, that we tend to wave at people when we are about to end a video call? I NEVER left any conference room at the end of a meeting and waved at the room. Ever.

Maybe we are losing our minds after all?

Speaking of losing our minds. The Covidiots clearly have lost it if not long time ago, then definitely on Memorial Day weekend. And it’s not, that I did not see it coming and shared it with you on Sunday. But I promised pictures. Since I can’t afford paying Getty Images royalties, I am sharing the links to some news outlets reporting about “the situation” instead. See for yourself but be warned, you might be losing your believe in mankind (if you haven’t already anyways).

This link of the New York Times will show you, how the Covidiots of the lake of the ozarks felt like reacting to a worldwide pandemic of a highly infectious disease. But in all honesty in that setting, Covid-19 is probably not the only infection they should be worried about. What’s that abbreviation again? STD, right. Want more? No, I did not mean STDs, I meant pictures? Here you go:

So many of the guys that flocked the beaches, that went protesting on the stairs of the city capitols, armed to their teeth (literally), would say of themselves, that they would do anything for their country and see themselves as patriots. All the healthcare workers, other front line workers and most importantly vulnerable fellow residents need you to do is WEAR A FREAKING MASK. Apparently they can’t do that to protect their country.

Well I got news for you and you probably won’t like it. If you dislike wearing a mask, you will definitely hate being on a ventilator.

But how would you know better? Our Covidiot in Chief is not wearing a mask and is joking about his Opponent in the 2020 election for wearing one on a Memorial Day event. His “Press Secretary” even criticized that Mr. Biden would not wear one on TV while at home with his wife, but wear one on a public event. Oh BOY! Where to start?

Enough said…

If anyone would have told me, that in 2020 it would be considered political and even controversial to take the position “you should listen to doctors and medical professionals”, I would have probably called one of those to help this poor soul.

Mister T. is now asking, if he should maybe also be taking insulin. Sure, go ahead. Don’t say I did not warn you though. Because I think taking insulin, if your body is still producing it, can have pretty terminal results. But hey, unless this is some kine of zombie apocalypse (I wish!), you are surviving taking hydroxychloroquine so why not. You might actually need it anyways given your diet?

In Germany, to be precise in Bavaria, indoor restaurants can open longer than the famous biergarten (beer garden), that are offering a lot of outdoor seating space. That’s an interesting decision, knowing that the risk of infection is high wherever people are congregating, but definitely higher indoors than outdoors. I guess not so smart decisions are made around the globe. But have to admit I prefer this degree over the Covidiots here in the US any day.

Meanwhile the CDC published, that less than 50% of the antibody tests that are offered right now, are actually providing accurate results. Oh well, glad we are only taking this risk with these kind of tests. Imagine the surprise 9 months later (or so), if we’d allow that level of accuracy for pregnancy tests. We are not.

Lately our days are including fighting off mocking birds (literally) and destroying their nests (before they could lay their eggs in them). Those birds are the most aggressive monsters I have encountered so far. I was attacked twice yesterday. And today I was keeping one at bay with a water hose, while Henning tried to destroy one of their nests that they started building in a bush in our garden. We can’t let them be there. As soon as they have eggs, we would not be able to enter our yard anymore for at least 14 days.

Today the weather was nice enough, to spend a lot of playtime outside. Only one thunderstorm and a short downpour. We started the morning with our typical walk. I even got a shot of my two handsome boys. Lucky me!

We have decided to let go of renting a beach condo in summer. As I said, it’s a too short of a notice to find the right and affordable place. Now I am just hoping, the weather will play along during the week I took off from work. That way we can at least do day trips and be outside as much as possible. I am really looking forward to the time off. The long Memorial Day weekend showed me, I can really use a week or two off.

Two more days to go before another weekend starts. It’s so crazy, how time flies. In a couple of day it’s June. And that will also mark the start of hurricane season. Today the City of Weston sent their inspector to inspect our shutters and we got the “all clear”. In two days tax free hurricane supply shopping season will start and we will buy our generator. Two power outages lately have proven, that we do need a generator to not have to worry about food going to waste at least.

The forecast for this year has a lot more storm activity and potential for named storms and hurricanes than usually. Of course. That makes sense. If we are messing up this year, why not thoroughly messing it up, right? Right!

Well, we will be hopefully as ready as we can be and continue to take it one day at a time. Nothing wrong with that. A hurricane would keep Covidiots off the beaches. But that might be a too drastic measure. Right? Yes, right. Sure.

Have you ever popped by someone’s house just to say “hi” and then they ask you to come in? You are not planning to stay so instead of comfortably sitting down on the couch or their chair or anything, you are sitting on the corner of the chair/couch, ready to move on? Well Sam certainly does. He popped by for a treat, but he clearly did not plan on staying.

Well, I guess if that ever happened to you, you probably did not briefly fall asleep before remembering you were not planning to stay. On the corner of the couch or chair.

After that he went straight to bed. He had a lot of fun and playtime today so he is exhausted and sleepy. He even missed his espresso treat. We will finish the first season of “You” on Netflix and join him.

By the way, if you do have Netflix and have not watched it yet, I highly recommend it. It is CRAZY!

Keep your distance, wear your mask, stay healthy and take care!



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