Check-in #20

It’s our check-in #20. Hello fellow Covid-19 warriors, it’s Sunday. Again. Sunday evening, to be precise. At least in my neck of the woods. For some of you, it might already be Monday. What date? Does that really matter? Alright, alright, alright Yeah, I kinda totally said that with Matthew McConaughey’s voice. In my head.

Right, the date. Well, tomorrow is going to be the last day of August 2020. Unless 2020 (!) is hitting again and I am jinxing this right now. And it might be March all over again. It’s a possibility. However, check-in #20 seems to be the only thing, we can be sure of.

For us it’s going to be another Monday in the couch office, after a long walk with the pooch, a nice breakfast as a family and some “exercise” and playtime in the yard. Before the pandemic, this would have sounded so much more appealing. Why is that? Well, Sam would have loved it as much then, as he does now. Look at him.

Check-in #20

No matter the date, though. I really, really can’t wait to live in precedented times again. The unprecedented ones are not as cool as one would think.

Some people actually think it’s a bad time to be single. But others think it’s a bad time to be in a relationship. I personally think it’s just not the greatest time to be alive.

It’s definitely a time, that I would not have ever seen coming. Imagine 10 years ago, someone would have approached you to tell you, that at reality TV figure with no morale, who is channeling his inner Hitler is the Leader of the Free World. And that is not the worst thing that is happening. Yes, I would have laughed really hard. But I would have regretted this by now ten fold. Did I mention, PLEASE VOTE? Well, I did now.

Anywho, this season of “earth” is just not realistic. So many plot holes. Firstly where did the killer hornets go? Why introduce them, if they aren’t actually important for the story? Tell me Tarantino, what’s with that? Or was it David Lynch?

How was your week? Henning and I had our 21st anniversary on Thursday and did something really, really brave. What? We went out for lunch. In a real restaurant. In public. Yes. Because, that’s how brave we are. Or crazy? A little bit of both, I guess. But we played it safe and went to the Capital Grille, for lunch and on their outside patio. So we kept the thrill at bay.

Certainly, we enjoyed spending time together and a nice meal. We also brought Sam with us, of course. This little fellow is part of the family and also part of the celebration. He did not like it as much, as we did though. See for yourself in his latest blog post, if you haven’t checked it out yet.

But the little pooch is actually happy, when he can come with Mommy and Daddy. Even if it is a little boring. People are happy to see him and that makes him happy, too. He gets so much attention and he also loves to give his attention and make people happy in return.

It’s great to have such a happy little monkey in our lives. Because he is a constant in our lives. He also gives us some great routines and routines are super powerful, as I shared lately in one of my posts on Firstly they keep you sane in times, where that is not a given. And secondly they are definitely something we can control. And again, not a given these days.

For a balanced report of the situation, I need to mention, that Germany’s Covidiots seem to get a little bit out of control these days, too. However, does it come to anyone’s surprise, that what’s happening there is orchestrated by the far right movements in the country? Does that sound familiar? What’s surprising to me is, that the “good” people in the country have become so scared by having to wear a mask, they march with the right. I would have hoped, German’s learned from their history. But all it takes is a pandemic.

At least German police did enforce the mask and social distancing mandates. Thousands of people on a small space together, that’s not exactly, how things should be right now. But apparently every country does have their conspiracy theorists and Covidiots. People, your human rights are not under attack just because someone is asking you to wear a mask. You are being asked to wear a mask, to protect yourself and others. On the other hand, if helping others is just not your thing, focus on the protect yourself, part? Maybe? Give it a try!

Another working week is ahead of us. One that I will spend, yet again, with Sammy in the couch office. I am lucky to have him by my side. It will not last for too long, but I will enjoy it. He is just too cute, isn’t he?

Check-in #20

I hope you are going to have a great week. My start to the week will be about self-care. Because I am starting with a coaching session tomorrow afternoon. In short, an investment in myself, that I am glad I made. Because coaching has done a lot for me. So for starters, this blog would not exist, had I not started to do coaching. And when my company paid coaching program ended, I decided to continue and Henning supported that decision. It’s not cheap but it’s definitely well invested money. For me, anyways.

Keep your distance, wear your mask, stay healthy and take care!



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