Check-in #12

Hey y’all, how have you been? It’s been a while! First Sam took over my book think thing (aka Think book) and wrote his cute little blog post. On Monday I was in a lot of pain (the opioid pain killer type of pain). So I took a rest day on Tuesday and Wednesday. With my husband (whose hand I might or might not have broken while in pain) and our little monkey by my side.

Right when I was ready to write my check-in #12 on Thursday, our WiFi provider had another outage. For another almost entire day. But I am back, baby! And in case you are interested, I also wrote a non-Covid-19 related post. You can find it here – check it out:

And before I am getting into the latest and not so greatest on Covid-19 and life during the pandemic, I have to share something with you. And it comes with an ask or rather a plea.

Life in the US is scaring me, people. Watching what’s happening in this country is disheartening. And watching, what the person, who is supposed to be the Leader of the FREE World is doing to this country my husband and I have chosen to be our home, is scary and depressing beyond believe. And while I am not much into conspiracy theories, I do truly believe if elected for another four years, he will do whatever he can to turn this country into a dictatorship.

To those of you living in the US, who are US citizens, please find it in your heart, especially if you are usually a Republican and vote your conscious. Don’t let him ruin this country we all can probably agree we love so much. Our reasons for doing so might be different, but does that really matter? PLEASE VOTE!

Switching gears…

How come that Covid-19 is so much worse than ever, after we’ve really tried everything. From pretending it’s over to pretending it actually never happened? All jokes aside…

…where are we with the pandemic, that many are publicly tired of hearing about and started ignoring entirely?Let’s look at some, dire, facts: Based on the WHO, the US has reached 2.8 M cases. Our daily increase in cases is averaging at 50k and per Dr. Fauci it can soon reach 100k cases a day. And we have surpassed 130k deaths by now.

And guess who is leading the country? Yes, Texas and Florida. No surprises here, really. Things could get better though, if people cared about other people. I am sure Floridians are totally willing to wear a mask, if they just knew about this new study that shows that Covid-19 infections would plummet, if everyone would wear a mask. Yeah, right. Watch this.

You REALLY can’t make this stuff up. Even the best comedians could not write such a hysterical stand up comedy program. But the problem is, these ladies (and gents if you search for the whole video) are actually serious.

So let me make this very simple for you. I think this chart should speak a language you can understand. Got it?

Also, dear horror movie directors, after watching at least half the country actively reject to wear a mask, I would like to sincerely apologize for calling your movie characters unbelievably dumb for going into the murder basement. My bad!

While things are getting seriously crazier by the day, when it comes to this country and their leaders, we are still living a pretty good life. We spent a nice weekend together and had our own little 4th of July Barbecue. Henning made his delicious salmon. You never had good salmon in your life, if you have not tried his. It is really that good. Sam got his own portion, of course!

This is how we probably all felt, after our huge portion of salmon with mango cucumber salad, home made cornbread muffins and white wine. It was really good.

While it was a great meal, it was still fairly “light” and there was lots of playtime in the yard and pool. Finally! After I was in so much pain on Monday, I had to take it easy on Tuesday and Wednesday in regards to jogging and swimming. And that, my friends, is not a good thing for me. Not only because I immediately start feeling sluggish and bloated.

But also because moving my body is playing a critical part in me keeping my sanity in this situation. If I am not able to do that, that depressed feeling about what’s going on in the world is creeping up super quickly. And it does not lead to anything good. So I am glad, I am back to “normal”. Our now normal, of course. Will this ever feel OK?

Another work week is ahead of us. Two of my team members are out of the office. It’s definitely going to be an interesting and challenging week. But it will be a busy week and busy is good. In my books. We are going to start ramping up our servicing partner further. And with the pandemic things are a whole lot different to what they were. It will be a nice little challenge for me.

There is also a Molly Maid team in my near future. Molly Maid? It’s a cleaning service, that our neighbors are using and they recommended it to us. I CANNOT WAIT! It’s going to be great to have someone take over the house cleaning again. It’s really not my thing. I can do it. Of course. We all can do a lot of things. But does that mean we have to? Sometimes it does mean that. But sometimes only temporarily.

You can find me in my couch office again, with my little work companion by my side. And, weather permitting, there will be morning jogs, lunch swims and afternoon wind down activities. Summer is in full swing, so far no hurricanes in sight (fingers crossed) so we will make the best of this weirdest summer of our life (trying not to jinx it!).

Henning photo bombed Sammy while he was impatiently waiting for his Pablo treat. Good times!

If you are having a hard time and are feeling overwhelmed with everything that is happening around you or even with you, don’t forget to remind yourself of the good things. And if things feel really bad, make a list of all the things you will be able to control this coming week. And when you did, check the box. It will help!

Have a great week, dear fellow Covid-19 warriors. Your lock down got further extended? You got this! Your city or state should be under lock down as cases are exploding but is not? You can do this. Hang in there!

Keep your distance, wear your mask, stay healthy and take care!



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  1. Hi Nannette,
    Can you share how to make the cucumber-mango salad? That would be great πŸ˜€
    Have a nice weekend,

    1. Hey Malin, well Salad might be a little bit too much. πŸ™‚ There is a more effort version and then there is a the lazy, let’s just add something fresh, version. The more effort version is cutting 1 English cucumber (Salatgurke) in half, take out the core with a teaspoon and cut in small pieces. Cut some red, yellow and green peppers into similar size pieces, cut a cup or two (to your liking) of cherry tomatoes in half. Cut 2-3 mangos in cubes. Mix everything in a Salad bowl, add some fresh basil (or cilantro if you are going Mexico with the meal) and a dressing of your liking (we do honey mustard but store bought..).
      The lazy version: Cut English cucumber in very small bits. Cut mango in similarly small bits, mix. πŸ™‚ I am not adding any sauce here, just salt and pepper as we are eating it as a kind of “relish” on top of fish or chicken to have something fresh. If I have, I add fresh herbs.

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