About Me

About me


Great having you!

My name is Nannette and you are visiting the sister page to my “professional” blog https://mykindofsuccess.net/ and this is my “about me” page.

I have been posting a mix of personal stories, professional tips and lately my Covid-19 diaries all at one place. Lately I felt like taking a little bit of a different route for all things personal and have been pondering it for quite a while.

When a friend told me I should start posting my baking recipes, as it might be interesting for others that try to maintain their weight, it became clear I had to do something. And so my husband and I bounced some ideas of each other and he had the great proposal to launch “my kind of happiness” as a sister page.

And because I liked his idea so much, I registered the domain right away and here we are! What’s better than launching a blog about happiness in times of a pandemic. Exactly!

A little bit about me….I am 45 years young and was lucky to meet my soulmate over 20 years ago. We’ve been married for a while now and in November 2015 our pooch Sam (aka Sammy) joined us. Sammy is quite opinionated and as a result got his own little corner in this blog. He is definitely a huge part of our happiness!

In this blog Sam will share his views of the world in “Sam’s corner” and I will share food ideas, recipes and more in the “Food court”. If you are interested in how I am navigating the good, the bad and the ugly in life, visit “Soul food” and whatever page you choose, share your thoughts in the comments please!

Pleasure meeting you,