Check-in #4

Happy Friday eve, y’all! How have you been? It’s been a while since I have last been checking in. And I definitely have been missing our conversation. That admittedly is mainly happening in my head. But still!

A lot has happened since our last check-in on Sunday. I have since dedicated an entire post to George Floyd and no to racism (#blackouttuesday). Check-it out here, if you are interested in my thoughts (#marketplaceofopinions)

I will continue educating myself and hopefully you will join me on that journey as education is a necessary first step. We can’t pretend we know. Because I would like to think, if we really knew, we would have ignited change a long time ago. More to come on this!

Surprisingly, this week started with yet another Monday. And not so surprisingly, still no one really remembers whether something they have said or done during this week happened on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or maybe even today. So I think it’s really appropriate to call the days what they are right now. “This day”, “that day” or “the other day”. When this day, that usually starts the working week, is happening and you are just not yet ready for that, it might look exactly like this.

It’s basically saying, I have my “work tool” ready in case someone checks in with me, but until someone does, I’ll just take a short nap. I am jealous but in all fairness, I could do it. The perks of working from home. And thankfully, other than in TV shows, video calls are not just appearing and people can’t really catch you doing something inappropriate as you have to actively “join”. Smart people have thought this through! Or just made a bad experience themselves.

Oh well, I would definitely not look as cute as Sam doing this. That’s for sure. Especially since my last haircut (AND COLOR) happened over 3 months ago. Not, that I think a haircut and a little bit of color are making me look cute like Sam. I am not that naive.

Since this is a safe place, I have to share something with y’all – this might be the year in my American Express career. I have an awesome team, our results are outstanding and I am getting great feedback for my work and as a people leader. All signs are on promotion.

And…of course there has to be irony in my life. It’s super fitting, that’s for sure. Because thanks to the pandemic and the uncertain economic situation, promotions are not likely going to happen anytime soon, probably not at all in 2020. Nothing I can do about that. I will continue to work the way I am working right now and trust that when things change, consistency and resilience will pay off.

I can’t control this situation, but I can control my attitude about it. Good thing is, I am not looking for titles but challenges. And challenges there are plenty.

So, we went from “stay@home” order to curfews in little to no time.

Joke’s on us, 2020. Joke’s on us. I am not religious, as I said before. I did however at some point in my life read the entire bible. Yes, the whole thing. And that includes the part about the apocalypse and the 7 plagues. I can’t avoid wondering, whether they had the right hunch and just got the details wrong?

People continue to play contact sports (aka soccer or football if you are from Europe) in “our” park. I used Social Media (neighborhood app) to ask the Director of Communications of the town of Weston, why they are letting this happen. And she replied they are trying to enforce together with the Broward County Sheriff’s office but people also need to take ownership and act responsibly. She is not wrong.

For those, who do not like the lonely bike rides or jogging or other sports you can do by yourself, I highly recommend fencing. It is the perfect Covid-19 sports. Why?

  • You are wearing a mask
  • You are wearing gloves
  • If anyone gets closer than 6 feet, you stab them.

Just saying…

Meanwhile more and more stores are professionalizing their attempts to provide social distancing guidance. Most all stores have put markers on the ground (because people are walking through a store looking on their feet, I guess) and signs at entrances. They are also usually sending messages via speakers reminding everyone to keep 6 feet distance. Stores are trying. Covidiots visiting the stores, not so much.

And of course, no store is really perfect. Well, I guess a lot of thoughts went into this preparation, but I am not quite sure about it. See for yourself.

And this, dear friends, is the reason why I am saying, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Covid-19 is right now not dominating the news anymore, in the US at least. As you can imagine it has been replaced by reports about the protests and riots, memorials for George Floyd and stupid actions of our Clown in Chief. Another vicious cycle has begun. Because the current topic of the week is going to be replaced by reports about yet another dramatic increase in Covid-19 cases and Covid-19 related deaths. Caused by the very same thing, that is currently replacing Covid-19 in the news. Life is a bitch. At least it can be.

Hurricane season is officially here. And, as I shared before, the 2020 hurricane outlook has us experience higher than normal amounts of named storms and potential hurricanes. Of course it does. I originally took next week off. Originally. Plans have changes since. The weather forecast has us at 80% chance of rain almost every day of next week.

Usually, if we would be traveling or things would be “old normal” not “now normal”, it would not really matter as much. We would likely go somewhere with more stable weather outlook or just bridge the rain periods with indoor activities like shopping mall visits etc. . Right now it would mean hanging out in the house (as on rainy weekends), baking and doing nothing. And I don’t think I can do that for 7 days straight and not get depressed. Especially missing outdoor exercise and playtime with “Mr. Cuddly”.

So I will take 2.5 days of “summer flextime” instead. American Express is offering flextime during the summer months. It’s either 4 full or 8 half days you can take outside your PTO, if your workload and time permits. I will take tomorrow afternoon, Monday and Tuesday. And since I have canceled next weeks meetings, can extend through the remainder of the week, should the weather change it’s mind. I think it’s a plan.

Not ideal, but 2020 should have taught even the last perfectionist, ideal and perfect does not exist. And plans is what you are making, while you are missing out on the life that’s happening now. Or while life is having other plans with you. Either way.

I am having so many meetings right now, it’s crazy. You would assume Covid-19 would have taught us, that some things can be resolved via email. Apparently not. And summer “slow down” isn’t a thing either, this year.

It’s still time for a break. I hope in the fall we can do a road trip and get some time away from home. See and experience something new, to not only rest the body (can do that here as well) but also the mind (can do better, when seeing something new).

Until then, a day off here or there and a lot of exercise and play time will hopefully do. As long as I can spend the time with my family. What is it, that makes you happy, guys? Me? There is a lot of things. Waking up in the morning next to my most favorite human (aka husband) and my favorite pooch (aka Sammy) for example. Being able to move my body in the nice weather. And moving my body in the pouring rain swimming in the pool with Henning and him making me a hot tea afterwards.

Cooking and baking for my family and seeing them enjoy what I made. And of course this little monkey showing up, every time Henning makes our espresso after dinner to collect his “espresso treat” as well. Looking at us like “hey, you AGAIN forgot to tell me it’s time for our treats”.

Do you think, he got his treat? Yes, you got that right. He did. And now he is sleeping in our bed room again like a baby. Tomorrow he will go to day care – another couch office day without my little work companion. But only half a day full of calls. And hopefully some time for a walk with my husband. Not a bad outlook at all.

I will check-in with you again on Sunday. Until then – keep your distance, wear your mask, stay healthy and take care!



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