Check-in #3

Part I

Today’s blog post is going to consist of two parts. The first one talks about the tragic recent events around George Floyd. If you would not like to read about that, that’s fair. Just skip to part 2.

I would love to wish you all a happy Sunday. But honestly it’s not really the happiest day. There is riots in all major cities in the US, 17 states have asked for the National Guard to step in and support them. Because of this situation, Miami is under curfew. And none of this has anything to do with Covid-19. No, let me re-phrase that. What’s happening is not because of Covid-19, but it will surely impact the amount of cases in the US.

Yet another white police officer killed yet another African American man. And of course there is a video of that. And it is tougher to watch than the scariest horror movie you can think of. Because it is real. It is not a movie with a Director and Actors. It is a filmed murder. A murder watched by many, including 3 police officer “bystanders” who did nothing, to stop this from happening. Sickening does not begin to describe this situation.

And of course this situation is resulting in protests. Peaceful protests, that always turn violent because of a few who think violence can only be answered with violence. And honestly, I can’t judge them. Because I have never been an African American woman going through the frustration of having to teach my children, how to not get killed by a police officer. Also, I have never been an African American man that has to be afraid to not survive an arrest for having, accidentally or not, paid with a forged 20 dollar bill.

For sure, I am not George Floyd, who did exactly that and was indicted, judged, sentenced and executed by the same police officer and his colleagues.

I am just a woman with a lot of questions and no answers. Why? How can you kneel on someones neck for 8 minutes and for 2-3 minutes after they lost consciousness? How can you stand next to this, listen to this man’s pleads and screams and fearful words and let it happen?

I won’t get any answers and neither will his family or the protesters. Because life will just go on. I am well aware of that and it is part of the frustration and deep, deep sadness.

RIP George Floyd! May your murderers get what they deserve. I can only hope, your death will help drive change. I wish so badly it does, so you did not have to suffer and die for nothing.

And while I am writing this, tears are rolling down my cheeks. My heart is heavy and in moments like these it feels, as if I can physically feel the sadness of everyone impacted by this.

In Germany we have a saying. Actually I am not sure if it was actually a saying in Germany or something only my Grandmother would say. She always said “I am built close to water”. What that meant is, she was tearing up easily. I definitely got that from her.

Part II

How to switch gears from this? It’s a tough one, for sure! But I will definitely not waste any words on the reaction of Mr. Trump on this. Let’s just say, it led to Twitter flagging his tweets for encouraging violence.

How was your week? I hope a lot less happened in your neck of the wood. And that is telling because these days, we are all getting stir-crazy and having cabin fever because most all of our days look the same. Weekdays bleed into weekends and vice versa. Living rooms become offices and then living rooms again. And we continue to meet on video calls with our DIY hairstyles that, in my case at least, are not having much “style” at all. But at least, I am having my couch office companion with me, still.

Do you actually remember the times when you used to work in an office? Remember this one colleague, who would be super loud on their phone calls? The one that you would have loved to walk over to, just to tell them: “no need to bridge the distance by screaming. I think that’s what the telephone is actually for!”? Are you missing that now? A little bit, maybe?

I guess the US Sports broadcaster are missing some noise in their lives. German soccer has resumed, but without spectators, obviously. And since no US Sports is not happening just yet, they are actually showing the German games. And I really can’t explain, why they would add spectator noise to their broadcasts, unless they are missing the noise? Or is it actually ghost spectators that we can hear but not see? ESPN and others, it’s weird!

Remember how I told you about the odd decision to have restaurants open longer than the infamous biergarten in Germany? Well they seem to be reading my blog posts. The very next day they extended the opening hours of biergarten. Ha. You don’t think it’s because of me? Prove it.

It feels like, a lot more details on how our now normal is going to look, are presenting themselves. On Social Media for instance I am getting a glimpse of how my future hair salon visits are going to look. Mainly from friends who beat me to getting an appointment and got their hair done already. JEALOUS!

Should I be interested in watching a movie or going to a concert, I am likely going to need a car to do so. While drive-in movie theaters have been a little bit retro and nostalgic in past years, they are now the latest hot thing. And that same principle will likely also be applied to music concerts. And the weirdest thing of all? It actually makes sense. And that IS weird.

Car dealers and other companies have to make offers, they probably never thought they would. VW is for example offering to waive 6 payments, should a buyer lose their job. Many companies have to rethink their offerings and the way they are doing business.

It’s not clear, how offices are going to look like in the future. But it is very clear, they are not going to look the same. A lot more people are going to work from home permanently or have some kind of blended model of working from home and in the office. Social Distancing will remain a thing, maybe even beyond the development and roll-out of a vaccination.

And schools? I am not sure, how schools will look in the future. It’s summer break or at least almost, so we will find out after the break. If it were for our Covidiot in Chief, they would have re-opened long time ago. Well, see for yourself.

I think I am with Bill Murray on this one. You?

Meanwhile the US has surpassed the milestone of over 100,000 deaths. Well, whoever started playing this Jumanji game at the beginning of the year, could you please finish quickly? Because we are running out of players. The Rock? It’s not funny anymore, same for you, Kevin Hart.

I am sure, I am not going to go back to the office for the remainder of the year. And I am good with that. I will find a way to meet with parts of my team outside the office. And make the best of being at home more, spending time with Henning and Sam.

That’s what’s happening, when you do not pay attention to Sam and try to be on your phone. He finds a way. Phone’s are banned from the backyard by Sam. Whenever one of us sits down and / or pick up our phones, Sam and his ball are right there to be entertained. And then he pretends like he is actually the one entertaining us.

Another working week is about to start. And I can only hope things are calming down, as more violence and more deaths will not make the one of George Floyd right.

After this upcoming week, I am going take a week off. Can’t wait. I wish you a great week, dear fellow Covid-19 warriors. Be strong and be safe!

Keep your distance, wear your mask, be healthy and take care!



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