Check-in #11

Hello hoomans! It’s me. Sam! Mommy left this book think thing on the couch while she is making dinner. We do not have much time. Mommy never makes us enough food, so it won’t take too long. But I thought I’d check-in with my hooman fans. Mommy tells me, that many of you are coming to see my pictures. Not sure why, though? I do not like taking them. Unless I get my Pablo’s (it’s the bestest treat in the entire world) as payment. Then count me in!

Peeps, a lot has been going on since we last got to chat. And I can tell you, it’s gotten even more weird. Do you have any clue, what’s happening? I mean it’s been how long? Three years or so? And Mommy is still sitting on Daddy’s spot on the couch (aka, my spot but don’t tell Daddy) almost every day. She calls it couch office and me her “work companion”.

My job is really tough. I have to show up on her video calls and make sure everyone is smiling and staying happy. I am basically keeping her entire company from falling apart by participating in her calls and even making her boss smile once in a while and so on.

He has a little hooman that seems to have the same job I have. But I don’t think the little hooman’s daddy boss has a couch office like Mommy with a place for him. The little hooman has to sit on his boss daddy’s laps instead. Lucky me, I have my own work space. I should check out, what they are paying this other guy. If he gets more Pablo’s than I do, I need to talk to Mommy.

Can I tell you a secret? But don’t tell anyone that you got it from me or I could get in trouble. Well at least until I show my most cutest face and then it will be forgotten.

Oh yes, the secret. I digress.. Mommy is not really dressing for work anymore. Only kinda half. She is wearing those shorts she puts on when we go on the long walk in the morning. Not sure why they want to walk all the time. Who does that in these temperatures? Anyway. With her shorts, she is wearing these nice shirts, she used to wear when she still left the house by herself in her white car thing and only came back later to give me my Pablo.

In all her breaks, she puts on a tank top and sometimes, if she does not use this camera thing and just talks to her laptop, she keeps them on. Crazy, isn’t it?

Do you want to see my best cute faces? One of these always does the trick, but I am still working on the perfect face. Which one would make you give me more Pablos? You can vote in the comments. Common’, please help me out here. I never get enough food, really!

Recently my morning job got a whole lot more stressful. Mommy did not go into her couch office anymore for a couple of days. Instead she did her running around the pool (and Daddy or I are not even throwing a ball, she just runs…) and then stayed outside. Now I had to entertain Mommy and Daddy the entire morning. Running, pushing my ball into Mommy’s legs so that she would not just run all by herself, swim and all.

Mommy called it “vacation”. I always thought, that vacation was something nice where you get to rest and nap all day. That’s definitely not what Mommy wanted to do, unfortunately.

But the fun usually begins, when Mommy goes inside to get her coffee. She ALWAYS comes back with 4 pieces of Pablo for me. And then she starts playing cats and mouse with me. As if we did not both know, she has 4 pieces of Pablo. Do I look like I can’t count, Mommy? Should you read this, you can give them to me right away and stop playing games. Instead she makes me pose for pictures to get them. It’s so mean!

At least Mommy and Daddy do not make me work for my food all day. Some of my fellow dogs are really having a rough life. Like this fellow here. And he does not even get to eat grass with his colleagues anymore, because he has to work from home thanks to this Covid-19 thing Mommy and Daddy are talking about.

Every morning, when Mommy and Daddy make me go on this long walk, they are making weird things with their arms in the air. Yes, I told you. They are weird. So they are waving their arms in the air and around their heads. And then usually Mommy hits Daddy on the neck, on his back or like today, on his face. Believe it or not, Daddy is not getting upset or anything. They are actually fist bumping (yes, I know what a fist bump is, Daddy always wants me to do a nose bump) and are excited. It has something to do with “horse flies”. And I do not know what a horse is, or a fly. But I sure would love to meet them and say hi.

Do you know why dogs can’t fly? Asking for a friend. My friend has been attacked by a mocking bird lately and whenever he wants to attack back, they are flying away. Also “my friend” might or might not have tried to chase a butterfly today. And being able to fly would make things so much easier. How I know? What do you care. Do you know why dogs can’t fly or not? Can I ehm, my friend, learn it? Maybe there is one of these Puptube videos or so?

Mommy, Daddy and I have been visiting restaurants again lately. Not, that I missed going there, as it is usually pretty boring. I never get food there either. But at least Mommy usually feeds me some Pablo’s for entertainment and everyone thinks I am cute. Whenever we are going now, Mommy and Daddy are wearing muzzles on their faces. I heard them say it’s protecting them and others against this coronavirus thing, which could make them sick. Works for me. Looks pretty funny too.

I heard on that TV machine, that some people do not want to wear their muzzles. I can’t blame them. Never had to wear one, but my friend Kodiak (have you met him?) does not seem to like his very much. But peeps, if a muzzle would help me not to get sick and feel miserable, I would wear one. I’ve been in a hospital once. I do not remember much of it, but it was no fun. So wear your muzzles, people and don’t get sick!

Last week we went to a burger place so Mommy could eat tuna burger and Daddy a turkey burger. Seriously guys, they had these huge beef burger patties and these two eat tuna and turkey. What’s wrong with you hoomans?

Mommy and Daddy always turn off the tone on the TV machine, when this one weird guy comes up. You might know him. He has super ugly hair and an orange face. And he says really crazy things all the time. Mommy and Daddy do not like him, so he better not show up at our house. I am not a barker. But I will make an exception!

Wait a second, something’s going on outside, need to check it out. Still checking it out. Mommy always says “there is nothing” and that I just had a bad dream. But first I have been working and not dreaming and second I can see something, not sure what’s wrong with her eyes. Or nose. Or both.

OK, I am back. I’ll just keep one eye on the windows. Just in case.

Can I tell you another secret? But please do not tell Mommy and Daddy about it. I am enjoying, that I get to play so much with both of them. It’s exhausting and all. But before this Covid-19 thing started Mommy would leave us for a couple of days. And I would never tell her, but Daddy and I missed her, when she did. So I do not mind this whole “social distancing” stuff at all. I can still sniff around and say “hi” to my dog pals.

I do like hoomans. A lot. Whenever I meet new hoomans, I get super excited. I am wiggling with my tail, so that they know I am a nice guy and hope they want to say “hi” as well. Some hoomans scare me though. I can’t tell you why. If I meet those, I do not want to move and sometimes I have to bark. It’s just so scary, you know? You would bark too. OK, never heard my hoomans bark, but not sure why?

Right now, there is a lot of stuff going on outside and some hoomans are driving around in their cars and so on. And it scares me, but I can’t stop running to the window and look. No, I did not dream something bad. Something seriously crazy is going on out there. Mommy and Daddy won’t believe me. If you do not hear from me in the next couple of days and also not from Mommy by Wednesday – send help! We probably got kidnapped by the friends of this weird orange guy that Mommy calls Covidiot in Chief. I am 100% positive…


It’s Nannette here. Poor Sammy fell asleep while writing this cute little blog post. We were watching a crime series on TV and a metal rod hit the concrete in the series we were watching. This noise woke Sam up and got him scared. Only after he went outside with his Daddy to check things out, could he finally calm down. Now he is sitting in front of the kitchen counter, guarding the sweet potatoes I cooked for him while he took over my think book. Just in case, someone plans on stealing them.

I will get the little blogger a potato so he can finally go to bed. See y’all on Wednesday?

Keep your distance (unless it’s a cute dog and the owner agrees), wear your muzzle (aka mask), stay healthy and take care.

Sam & Nannette

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  1. Hi Sam,

    First of all congratulations on your great blog and I promise all your secret are safe with me. I must say I just couldn’t stop smiling while reading your blog, you are the cutest writer I have known.

    On your picture vote I strongly believe all four of them deserve some Pablos and next time we are meeting I am delivering them myself.

    Thanks for being around and making us all remember how life is beautiful with friends like you.


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