Check-in #18

Welcome to our Check-in #18, dear fellow Covid-19 warriors. Can you believe, you are still with me on this? A gazillion months after this whole thing started. We are still in fairly good spirits – mostly. Sammy is definitely still a happy camper. And this post almost did not happen, as he decided it was his time to use Henning’s and my spot on the couch.

So it’s Mid of August and after all these months with the pandemic, wearing a mask should have become our now normal, or should it?

For many it is not. It’s even leading to fist fights in stores, restaurants, public places and so on. I really do not get, how wearing a mask is violating anyone’s human rights. But then, I am not really good at conspiracy theory. I missed that subject in school, but I guess it’s been taught here broadly.

I can totally get behind this store’s approach to Anti-Maskers.


It is a little flawed though. They care for their own convenience, but not for themselves. Because wearing a mask would be protecting them, too.

So wearing your mask and keeping your physical distance and still watching Covid-19 numbers in the US skyrocket, is like doing your part of a group assignment but no one else is, so you are still going to fail.

I really can’t stand hearing people say “the pandemic is going to be over at some point”.I honestly don’t think it is. Even if they find a vaccine soon, there is the anti-vaxxers. I am sure if overlaid over the anti-maskers, we will see quite some matches right there. And so while people that get a vaccination might be fine, those that can’t due to age or medical reasons will not. Pretty somber thought.

Meanwhile, in a little bit more uplifting news, the President…hahahaha, who am I kidding? There is nothing uplifting about this guy, ever. And in latest news, he retweeted a Doctor, that I think should not be allowed to practice medicine, at all. She made the claim, that hydroxychloroquine is a cure to Covid-19. But that’s not even the reason why I think she should not be allowed to practice. Why then?

Well, because she i.e. is saying, that endometriosis and other gynecological issues are a result of sex with witches and demons, that happens in people’s dreams. What’s Mr. T thinking about her? See for yourself, I would not believe me, had I not read it myself.

Just when you think this can’t get any more crazy. At least twitter deleted his tweet and her video claim, too. As it violated their policy against Covid-19 misinformation. My question is, isn’t there a medical ethics board or something that can make sure she is removed from her job asap?

Life goes on, somehow and we got to make the best of it. As I said before, we won’t get any of these months back at the end of this, whenever this will be. So we continue to enjoy our lives as much as we can. Weather has been quite nice and supporting. So we just keep going. Step by step. Day by day.


I actually just wrote a blog post about taking simple first steps. It’s been serving me well, to just take these steps. Small steps that turned into something bigger. And I am not even Buzz Aldrin and the moon is not involved, either. Check-it out here, if you haven’t yet

Now in that blog post, I promised to share a little bit more about how Henning and I met. Our 21 years of being together is coming up and by popular demand, here it goes.

It started with a step both Henning and I took at that time. We both had friends, that were not only single at the time, but wanted to find someone. They signed up for an online dating website. It was 1999, so no “apps” yet. Henning joined his friend and I joined mine for fun.

My friend and I would print-out the emails we received and read through them with a nice glass of wine. OH BOY! I guess some of the pictures I got send were comparable to sending the eggplant emoji. I’ll leave it at that. I wasn’t looking anyways.

One day my friend and I decided to search the site for guys from our town. We were wondering if we would maybe detect a colleague or so. We did not. I did however stumble across a guys page, that looked pretty much like mine (interests, perfect Saturday etc.). I thought that was funny. And left it at that and went home. I did not have a computer at home (yes, I am that old). Back at home I could not stop thinking about the guy and the many overlaps in our profiles. I wanted to contact him…but no computer.

So believe it or not, I jumped in my little Panda (car from Fiat) and drove to the office. When I logged into my email account, I did have an email from a guy from that dating page. Yep, it was that guy. What a coincidence, right? We exchanged a couple of emails playing “hard to get” on both sites. And then decided to take it a step further and call. We spent 3 nights in a row talking over the phone for 2-3 hours. And finally decided it was time to meet in person.

The place we met is still open

I was at the Cafe he had chosen first and waited outside. I spotted a guy walking around looking quite nervous. He was not exactly my type and he was carrying a bouquet of roses which I found really over the top for a first date. While I was watching this guy, someone tipped me on the shoulder and asked, if I was done watching this guy and maybe wanted to get dinner. That’s how we met.

We had dinner and spent the night on his balcony watching shooting stars and chatted. He drove me home at 3 am in the morning and the night ended with a slightly awkward goodbye at my door. When I arrived in the office I had a very sweet email in my inbox. We met on Thursday, this was Friday and we were supposed to only meet again on Monday. I had plans to visit my best friend in the country side and he had plans to take the long (9 hours) ride to Bavaria to visit friends, too.

We ended up talking on the phone almost all Saturday, probably driving our friends slightly crazy and we of course met again on Sunday night. I stayed with him and never left since. The next day he drove me to work and picked me up and we went to my apartment to get some stuff. He took my TV as it was bigger than his and that was that. We never really decided to “live together” but have been living together ever since.

Yes, we moved in together 3 days after we first met. We met 21 years ago on August 27th and that is the day we are celebrating our anniversary. Because let’s face it, we somehow became a couple that night. I guess second dates are overrated.

And this year we are going to celebrate 21 years and surviving in a pandemic. Two pretty good reasons to celebrate in my books. Not sure, how that celebration is going to look exactly but we will figure it out. Sam is definitely going to be a part of it, somehow.

Right now he is a little restless and can’t really sleep, while Henning and I are pretty tired. So I will end this post with this positive story of love at first sight (ish) and a nice picture of Sam.


Keep your distance, wear your mask, stay healthy and take care!



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  1. What a love story😍 sounds like a good “Liebesfilm” or romantic book but not as a real story. I love it and you can be proud be part of this unique love story!!😊

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