Happy Weekend, Hoomans!

Hey Hoomans, I am not sure what day it is. But Mommy was not in her couch office the past couple of days. Because she does the vacation thing again. And you know what that means, right? It means A LOT more work for me. But ya already know, I need to make sure she does not sit down with her phone all the time. So much running and retrieving balls…phew. I need a break!

Happy Weekend, Hoomans!

Mommy keeps saying “Happy Weekend” to hoomans we meet. So happy Weekend, hoomans! When I am done with this, I’ll go take a nap. Or I could also hit Mommy up for a Pablo. And hey, if you want to buy me some (or your own dog, if you must), Daddy gets them here:


They are sooooooo good! Gotta try to get one…brb.

Daddy helped me get a Pablo from Mommy. Of course Mommy could not resist us. Now Daddy is saying I owe him something. Not sure what that means? Well, I’ll play with him later. He’ll like that. But Mommy took one of these photo thingies and says she’ll use that later. Hoomans are so complicated, y’all!

Happy Weekend, Hoomans!

Are you having a happy weekend, hoomans? And also, how was your week? Mine was busy. First I had to work with Mommy in the couch office. So many calls I have to show up for, to make the other hoomans smile. I wish the little hooman from Mommies boss could take some of these video meeting things. He’s kinda cute and I like little hoomans. But we do not have any.

When we were still living in the big house in the city, I did have a little hooman friend. Bella. I like her a lot, but I have not seen her in a while. Bella came to visit with her Mommy and we had sleepovers. I liked those. Mommy and Daddy were not home, that was the only part I did not like that much. But Bella and her Mommy were so nice and I was allowed a lot more and got sooo many treats. We all slept together in our other bed room. The bed was tiny, but I was sleeping on Bella”s legs anyways. I hope she comes and visits me. If you see her, tell her to come over.

21 years anniversary

Then, this week we also had 21 years anniversary. At least that’s what Mommy and Daddy said and then they made me go to that place we’ve been to before. It’s the thing where Mommy and Daddy eat their food not at our house. It’s so boring. I mean, there’s nice hoomans and and they like me a lot and cuddle me. But it’s really boring. So I am not sure how often we will have 21 years anniversary, but I hope when we do have it again, we go to a dog park or the beach or another nice place.

Mommy took these pictures and made this card with all of us. Not sure why she does not get, I do not like these photo things. But she also posted them on snoutbook or what’s that called again? I have my own page there, too. Check it out if you want and you can chase me or follow me or so.


As I said, Mommy and I had a busy week in the couch office. Mommy even had to take calls, while preparing my dinner. I was a little worried, that she would forgot something. But Mommy said she can multi task, whatever that means. At least she did not forget anything, other than making my portions bigger. She kinda never does that, tho.

I think I have this whole working thing figured out pretty well. Mommy said, she might have to start working at a desk or so, so we could be more productive. And that the couch might not be the right place for an office. I am not sure what she is talking about? I think I am doing super well. What do you think?

Sammy @ work

Mommy says sniffing and licking her laptop is not allowed and that I would have to report to HR, if I don’t stop searching her pockets for Pablos. Something about being professional and personal space and so. Work is no fun, you guys.

Do you know how to drive a car, hoomans? I don’t, but I might have to learn it? I just saw this fellow pup and as part of his job, he has to now do the shopping for this hoomans. Because of some pandemic and virus thing. Our grocery store is not far away, but how can I bring all the stuff home if I have to walk? Those guys need a lot. And of course none of it is for me. Ever.

Mommy and Daddy are wondering, if 2020 could get any worse. I am not sure, what they are talking about. Mommy is home all the time and we swim and play ball and she makes big portions of food. And also she always gives me treats on all of our walks. When I am alone with Daddy we run all the walks and that’s fun, too. But he never gives me treats. He should, tho. Shouldn’t he? Can’t you give and eat treats while running? I bet I can!

Mommy keeps telling everyone, to vote in November and she’s acting like me, when I sniff something scary, whenever she sees this guy with the orange face. Well not exactly like me cause she does not go down and clip her tail between her legs. I also think, Mommy does not have a tail (weird!).

Well, if you could please vote, so the orange face guy can be gone and Mommy be less scared, that would be nice.

And also – stay pawsitive, hoomans!


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