Check-in #15

Hello Hoooomans! How’s it going? Mommy left her book thing on the couch again and then went to take a shower. So I thought I could take over and share some more secrets as you won’t tell anyone. Right?

Speaking of secrets, I have to take a shower after every round of playtime in the yard and in the pool. That is 3 (!) times a day. And Mommy and Daddy? They are only showering once a day. That’s so not fair! If you agree, could you sign my petition “less showers, more treats”? You’d do me a huge favor!

Mommy said it’s Wednesday today, but I am not sure she is right to be honest. If that were true, Mommy and Daddy missed my Daycare day yesterday. And they usually never miss that. But hey, I am not complaining. Don’t tell them but I was super happy when we went in the garden instead of the car yesterday morning. I like my pals and all but there is no place like home, right?

This week has been tough. It has been raining almost all the time and I still had to play and entertain Mommy and Daddy in the yard and in the pool. Can you actually believe that? They go IN the pool when it is raining. Don’t they know that rain makes you wet and you do not have to go in the pool to get wet? Hoomans are really weird sometimes.

And the yard is super wet of course and muddy. Why do hoomans think, that we puppies like playing in the mud? That just means one more shower we have to endure. If there just was a way to play in the mud without having to shower. I would be totally in!

This is genius. I need to talk to Mommy’s friend Siri, if he can send me one. of these. Mommy asks him to order her “Venti iced cinnamon dolce latte” (whatever that is) and when she does, Daddy comes back in her car and brings it to her. Not sure, where Daddy is meeting with this Siri guy and how that works. But I’ll give it a try.

Never met this Siri guy myself, but I’d love to. Mommy is talking to him on the phone A LOT. She asks him to set a timer for her, or to show her her timer (not sure why she does not just look herself, lazy I guess) and what’s the temperature and so on. Seems to be a smart guy. Maybe if I ask he’ll come and play with me? Or better, bring me Pablos!

My job is really stressful right now, people! You don’t believe me? Well go and try to entertain two hoomans that are home ALL THE TIME due to this Covid thing. It is hard. I am always enjoying being home alone, when they go to the grocery store together. But they are rarely doing that anymore. When they do, I can always stretch out on the couch, preferably on Mommy’s or Daddy’s spot or both. Don’t tell them, though. I am sure they have no idea.

Last week I had the couch to myself for a few hours in the evening, because Mommy and Daddy went to a place they called something with cheesecake and factory. They had dinner there. I did not know cheesecake was dinner. They brought a slice home but of course I did not get any. They never share their desserts with me.

But I was so excited to have the house to myself. Of course I did not show it. I did not want to disappoint Mommy and Daddy. And also, if they feel guilty, they give me more Pablos. Not, that I would ever do that on purpose. Absolutely not!

So tell me something hoomans, how tough must it be to be an emotional support dog these days? I mean, I am not trained and all but I gotta tell you, I think I am still doing the job somehow. Keeping Mommy and Daddy moving and entertaining them and so on. So they do not think about this guy with the orange face and the ugly hair all the time. Mommy looks sad and angry when she does and I do not like that. Or the Covidiots she keeps talking about. She also really does not like those.

By the way – ever thought about who is supporting emotional support dogs right now? Ha!

I think every hooman needs a dog. Not me, I am already with Mommy and Daddy and that’s enough work for one pup. But if everyone had a dog, they could learn, how to wear their muzzle correctly and if the would be wearing their muzzles all the time, this Covid-19 thing would maybe be over soon?

I know, my Mommy shared this already with you, but does not hurt to look at it again. I know it would make Mommy and Daddy happy – could y’all please wear your muzzle? Please?

I got a question. A few naps ago, it was super light every morning. I was sniffing around as always, but I could also see everything around me. Now the light is gone, when I have to take Mommy and Daddy for their morning exercise. What’s happening? Why is the sun now late every morning? And if she can be late, why can’t I sleep-in, too? I should!

Especially since there is a lot of light flashes and noise in the nights lately. Mommy calls it thunderstorms and she does not like them at all. Last night, I was sleeping on my favorite spot on the ground by the window and she asked me to come to her in the bed so she could fall asleep. I was of course not afraid at all but if Mommy needs me to cuddle up as close as possible, that’s what y’a gotta do!

I am suspecting, that Mommy is cheating on me. Yes! I know she looks like she is harmless, but I think she is tricking me with my food. I can’t prove it, but it feels like I am being given much more of the green stuff she is calling cucumber and a lot less of my actual food, my turkey and my most favorite sweet potatoes. If you hear anything, let me know! I will get a pawtorney right away!

Today Mommy made shrimp for herself and Daddy and totally forgot to make some for me. Can you believe this? I mean who’s in the couch office and working as her assistant all day? I’ll give you a clue – it’s not Daddy! I should have gotten some, don’t you think? Feel free to tell her!

What’s your favorite snack? I really love these orange thingies that Mommy is calling sweet potatoes. But I also love turkey a lot. And my most favorite food of all is pasta right now. It’s soooo good!

And it goes fast in our house, so I always have to lie in front of the kitchen counter and guard it, when Mommy makes it. Just in case someone tries to steal some or some of it drops on the floor. I tried starring it down but it’s much easier to give Mommy “the look”. She has a soft spot for that.

Hey, remember I told you last time very suspicious things were going on in our neighborhood? Never have been able to solve it and I think it’s still happening. Gotta check it out again. There was so much weird noise just now. No, I did not sleep at all. I have been writing this blog and then the noise started. But it’s so dark outside and I also can’t sniff anything through the stupid door. Probably gotta wait until Daddy and I will go for his last walk. But I will find out this time, that’s for sure.

Maybe it’s the “gang”. The gang is a group of very little dogs living in our hood. They are a little bit annoying also! They bark all the time and always come and try to bite me. I am not scared at all, of course. Cause you know, I am much bigger. But I am keeping my distance. I am really not into barking. What’s the fuss? They all gotta relax and calm down. They are always with this nice older lady and when I meet her by herself, I let her cuddle me. She seems to like that.

I am so happy, that we moved into my new house a year ago. I did not like the place we were staying at before as much. There were so many weird people and it smelled weird. Mommy called it dope and she and Daddy did not like it either. Here everyone is nice and I think I am a little bit of a star here. They all want me to come over and cuddle me. But that’s OK. Mommy and Daddy are happier too. I like it better, when they are happy.

I need to get some sleep now, tomorrow is a Daycare day and that is going to be so much fun but also so exhausting. Gotta be ready for that!

I’ll be back with you guys soon. Until then, don’t forget:

Keep your distance (unless it’s a cute dog like me), wear your muzzle (aka mask), stay healthy and take care.



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  1. Hi Sam,

    Glad to hear from you back, I was wondering when you will tell your side of the story again. Lately (almost my entire life) I have been listening to lot of humans but it’s great to get some fresh perspective from someone so cute as you are.

    I see you are not only writing about your secrets but also raising some important topic looks like you are getting influenced by your mom (it’s a great thing) and couldn’t agree with you more. I also happen to have a great companion aka Drago who is not much of a talker but a great walking companion. I am sure you both will get along and hopefully meet one day.

    Thanks for reminding all of us on use of mask and right way to use it. Keep safe and take care of yourself.

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