Hello Hoomans!

Hey Hoomans, how is it going? I am Sam, but everyone calls me Sammy. I have no idea why! But I do know, if Mommy or Daddy call me Sam, it’s usually no good. I bet you know what I mean! Do you? You can tell me, I won’t tell anyone. Pinky paw swear!

So get this. Mommy is writing a second blog. I guess work in the home office is not really busy for her these days. I have no idea where she finds the time. Or why she does not spend that time with making me food. Maybe, could you tell her, she should give me more food? Because look at me, I am starving! In her other blog I stole her book think thing once in a while to tell my side of the story. You can find one of those here, if you are a curious hooman and all https://mykindofsuccess.net/check-in-15/ .

Now Mommy told me there is a Sam’s corner and that I can write to you hoomans whenever I want. First and foremost I really want food more than anything else. Or treats. But well, if I am not playing, eating or sleeping, I might check-in here once in a while.

Oh and Mommy told me I need to “introduce” myself. Not sure what that means? Any ideas? Well, while you are figuring that out (please let me know in the comments), I can tell you a little bit more about me and my life. I am almost 5 years old. Mommy and Daddy say that I am a Labrador retriever and I am yellow. But how would I know what that means? It’s not that I can see colors very well…anywho. I like sleeping in the sun. But I always have to guard my tennis balls and basketball and so. Because Mommy and Daddy always try to steal them and play with them. Because they are so childish. Do you have hoomans? It’s easier to herd cats!

Hello Hoomans sleepy Sam

Today I am not in such a great mood, y’all. There is so many scary smells everywhere. I could not even enjoy being in the yard really because I have to sniff and figure out, what’s going on. And I am also a little bit afraid. But don’t tell anyone, cause I am a big boy. I just need to figure out, who was in our yard and if they are still there and dangerous.

And my house (yeah, Mommy and Daddy pay for it but let’s face it, it’s my kingdom anyways) is smelling weird now too. In case you do not hear from me in the next couple of weeks, you know what you gotta do! Seriously!

I will take a nap and then hit Mommy up for a treat. I am thinking apple and sweet potatoes should do. Hope there is no predators where you are and y’all are happy and safe. Gotta go! You know where to find me!

If you are still bored, you can also check-out Mommy’s recipe and make it. Let her know, how it was, she likes to be told how delicious food is. Daddy has to do it all the time. https://mykindofhappiness.blog/2020/08/15/pretzel-bites/


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